Top 10 Amazing Interesting Facts About Russia (you Must Know)

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The Trans-Siberian Railway extends from Moscow to Vladivostok, with a total of 5,772 miles of the railway line, the longest railway in the world.

Russia has the longest railway in the world

Russia is home to some of the best and most respected writers, some of the greatest Russian writers being Alexander Pushkin, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Ivan Turgenev, and Vladimir Nabokov.

Russia is considered to be the home of a lot of famous literature.

There are 12 active volcanoes in Russia! Of those volcanoes, Kamchatka is one of the most visited because of its accessible location.

Russia Has 12 Active Volcanos

Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of a total area of 6,601,665 square miles, which is 11% of the total land area of the world.

Russia is the largest country in the world by land area

The major difference between the male and female population in Russia is that up to 54% of the population are women.

54% of the Russian population are women (Female)

Russian women can expect to live up to 78 years, while men have an average life expectancy of 68 years.

Russian women live 10 years longer than Russian men

Folk dance is an important part of Russian history and Russian culture and one of the most common types of Russian folk dance is Khorovod (dance in a circle holding hands).

Folk dance is a tradition in Russia

Russia has 11 time zones due to the largest area.

Russia has 11 different time zones due to the largest area.

Russians are not taught to smile in school.

People in Russia drink 5-10 cups of hot tea daily.

Russians are more tea drinkers

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