Zoie Burgher Net Worth, Biography, Boyfriend, & Career

Today you are going to know who is Zoie Burgher. Zoie Burgher Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, and her career, latest update 2022.

Zoie Burgher (born November 29, 1995) is a Twitch streamer and social media celebrity (TWITCH STAR) from the United States.

The details of Zoie Burgher’s family life and childhood are not available to the general public. Still, it is known that Zoie Burgher was raised in a simple family in Florida. He started dancing in childhood.

Her Twitch channel has helped her rise to fame. Zoie Burgher has become the most-viewed female streamer in a short period. Now her YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers and over 3,000 Twitter followers, surpassing many well-known female streamers as competitors.

Currently, Zoie Burgher is a famous internet personality who mesmerizes and sometimes surprises her audience with the content she creates.

Zoie Burgher Net Worth
Zoie Burgher Net Worth

Zoie Burgher Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Career (Latest update 2022)

In 2013, Zoie Burgher became obsessed with social media and started sharing her most engaging content on fashion and lifestyle on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Then he started earning from sponsorship and advertisement. It is believed that Zoie Burgher’s net worth as of November 2022 is around 500,000 dollars (USD).

Net Worth$500,000 (est)
Birth DayNovember 29, 1995
Birth PlaceAmerica
Age27 YEARS (as on 1-Dec-2022)
Eye ColorBlue
Nick NameZoie
EducationZoie graduated from the University of Arizona.
Zoie Burgher Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Career (Latest update 2022)

Zoie Burgher Early Life

Zoie Burgher was born on November 29, 1995, in the United States of America. Now she is 27 years old as on December 1, 2022. The names of his father and mother are unknown. But he has American nationality. His astrological sign is Sagittarius.

Educational Information

Zoie Burgher first attended high school in Miami, then enrolled in Arizona College and transferred to Florida State University. His degree was related to politics and international affairs. However, after a short period, famous YouTuber Zoie Burgher decided to discontinue her studies and drop out of college.

Zoie Burgher Boyfriend

So far Zoie Burgher has not disclosed information about her boyfriend, only busy with her profession.

Zoie Burgher Social IDs

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